Phrae – Uttaradit – Tha Pla – Phitsanulok

After a nourishing breakfast at our hotel in Phrae, Bob and I made a pre ride stop at the 711 to stock up on snacks. The street cleaner we met thought that Bob was my father, which he found very amusing.

Our ride to Uttaradit featured one decent hill but with a mild grade and a nice view from the coffee shop at the top. The rest of the ride was mostly downhill and apart from the heat was not particularly taxing.

“Oot” as Bob calls it is another mid sized city in central Thailand, just big enough to have an MK restaurant which means that we can have a decent feed in refrigerated comfort. There’s not lot else to do other than ride your bike around and stand in front of the 711 watching the town watch the falang.

Our next day was a short 40km ride out to Tha Pla which was so small that the only accommodation was bungalows just outside the township that lacked both aircon and functioning insect screens. But dinner made up for that, with a huge fresh water fish and hot pot costing us less than ten dollars and providing the locals with some entertainment as they were able to examine the bicycle tourists at close range.

Another day back in Oot proceeded a longer ride to Phitsanulok of 111km. We made an early start and managed 55km before 11am, but our rest stop dragged on so long that the sun was out by the time we restarted and made the rest of the day a hot ride in the sun.

For some reason there are other tourists here in Phits but we can’t work out why. If you’re not riding a bicycle on the way to somewhere else why are you here?












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