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Patent whinging

In this opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald, James Dyson has a whinge about patents, and how all that hard inventing work he does has to be backed up by court action when people infringe on his patents.

Sure, the Dyson vacuum cleaner is a good thing for sucking dust off the floor, but I lost all respect for Dyson when they/he blatantly copied Japanese hand dryers.  You know, those high velocity hand dryers that are now popping up in public toilets in western countries?  Dyson’s marketing claims that they came up with the idea, but anyone who has been to Japan knows that the very same design has been in use there for years.  Mitsubishi and Panasonic both make one with a design almost identical to the Dyson one, only the Japanese ones work better.

So suck on that Dyson.

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