Yueyang to Honghu 80km

Today’s ride was a little eventful, starting off with an extended 90 minute breakfast. In china an open shop door doesn’t actually mean that the restaurant is open. It just means that someone is awake. Breakfast was good though. Braised ribs and assorted stir fried oily veggies.

Smatterings of rain early in the morning as we left town didn’t last long and precipitated the usual jacket on, jacket off nonsense. I managed to withdraw money from an ATM without my card being swallowed, then we ended up on a road that was under construction. An entertaining diversion before we reached a toll road that forbid bicycles. Bob was under the impression that a ferry was in operation, but of course the new toll bridge had put the ferry out of service. But this being china, someone had spotted us riding down toward the disused ferry and alerted the local ute owner who showed up magically and offered to drive us across the bridge.

Our next riding stage was along a dyke that Bob claims was built 1000 years before the Dutch thought of such things. I beg to differ, and having seen the year 1999 written on a building today I now believe that all things currently standing in china that look old we’re built in that year.

30km of monotonous dyke riding later we found ourselves in Honghu, home to an albino hairdresser lady and the Missky Hotel, which is nice.



















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2 thoughts on “Yueyang to Honghu 80km

  1. La Chica

    You see, some days are better than others. Take China as China not comparing to some country u liked… Real Cultural Experience only comes after u appreciating it as it is without measuring it to others šŸ™‚ – from newtown cultural critic


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