Changsha, Hunan

A day in Hong Kong then onto Changsha the capital of Hunan province. Our flight was late so by the time we arrived at Changsha we didn’t have the energy to traipse into the city and find a hotel so just stayed at the airport hotel which was both expensive and exceedingly crappy, being a remnant of the old airport there. By 8pm the restaurant was closed so the receptionist suggested that we go back to the airport and eat KFC, which I did after eating the most overpriced Chinese buffet food available in all of Hunan province.

My air conditioner sounded like a motorbike had become trapped in the wall of hotel room so I instead chose to open the window and let in the dulcet sounds and smells of Changsha international airport to drift in the window and lull me to sleep.

We parked our bikes in the lobby while checking out which made the under utilised security person rather anxious. He didn’t want to wait for me to buy some water from the hotel shop and wanted the bikes out of the lobby pronto. We feared that this may foretell future interactions between hotel security personnel and our bicycles. This turned out to be correct as arriving in Changsha proper after 25km of dodging Chinese provisional drivers (they all appear to be) found us being chased off the forecourt of any hotel that had a doorman or security.

We settled on the Home Inn for tonight which is painted in a homely yellow as well as offering a reasonable room for 200 yuan. The rest of the day was spent on administrative chores such as SIM card acquisition and eating. Some minor touristic wandering rounded the day off.

Off to Miluo tomorrow, about 80km to the north.


















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