Namur to Seraing 102km

A statistical entry

Number of days since my last shower: 10
Number of nuclear reactors cycled past today: 1
Number of Belgian cities worth visiting: 0
Number of trail bikes that just rode past our campsite: 2
Number of clean articles of clothing in my possession: 1
Number of days in a row that I’ve eaten steak for dinner: 4
Number of times that I dropped my chain and put it back on with a stick today: 3
Number of litres of metho used for cooking so far: 2
Number of mcdonalds wifi drive bys that have been executed to enable blog upload in Belgium: 2
Number of functioning publicly accessible water taps that we’ve encountered in Belgium: 1
Number of kilometres cycled in the last ten days: 1009
Number of punctures: 1










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2 thoughts on “Namur to Seraing 102km

  1. letitia

    Thanks for documenting your trip. To me it’s very interesting as it showed me things I should take in consideration before a trip, and it’s also a lot of fun to read. I hope you have better luck with the water and perhaps you decide to plan a trip to Romania as well! Cheers and have a safe trip!


    • admin

      Thanks for the comment Letitia.

      Water is not a problem now that we are back in France. Cemeteries are everywhere and they always have a tap for water.


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