Peronne to Abbeville 120km

A good start to the day with blue skies, cooking breakfast in our forest enclave. Half way through my egg boiling though the farmer who owned the land we were camped on came along. He was quite an elegant chap with his walking cane and deluxe gumboots and cigar. Fortunately he couldn’t speak any English so his attempts to tell us we were camping on his property and shouldn’t be weren’t very effective. But once he realised that we were bike tourists (the highest form of tourist according to Bob Magee) he relaxed and wished us a good day.

Today was Sunday so we had to get to a supermarket before midday when all the shops close. George was also keen to dumpster dive if the opportunity arose.

The day’s riding was largely guided by my GPS which I set to “shortest route” so it will beligerantly follow the shortest path no matter what. So we rode along lots of unmarked farm roads and tiny lanes through thr back if villages. The down side is that all these roads are much steeper than all the main ones so it makes for a hard days riding.

We found another secluded patch of forest adjacent to a farm, and just in time too as I was feeling wrecked by the end of the day.

Duck breast for dinner!












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