Nancy to Groze 75km

About 75km

The TGV from Gare de l’Est in Paris conveniently had a space at the end of the first class carriage that would accept a couple of bikes (at a cost of ten euros). Two hours later I met up with George Christensen at Nancy station out towards the German border.

I met George ten years ago while touring in south east Asia with Ilias. We were in a tiny village in Laos and bumped into George there and then spent a day or so cycling together. We’ve stayed in touch ever since and now have finally managed to coordinate a tour together. George has been chasing the tdf around every year since 2004, so here I am about to attempt the same thing.

The weather has been just as cold and wet as Sydney is at the moment, which made for a damp days riding yesterday, but it was still great to be out of Paris and into the countryside. France never disappoints when it comes to scenery.

We’re heading north towards belgium at the moment, checking out some of the early tour stages in reverse. Let’s hope the weather doesn’t become even more British as we head towards the English channel.





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2 thoughts on “Nancy to Groze 75km

  1. Bob Bicycle Tourist

    Are your cloths drying at night?


    • admin

      My clothes stayed pretty dry and I haven’t done any washing. So far so good.
      I just woke up in my tent to the sound of pouring rain so we’ll see how it goes today.


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