Counting down the days

There’s only a few weeks left until I leave for my trip to France and I keep thinking that I’ve forgotten something. Maybe it’s just that I’m not fit enough and worried that George is gonna kill me going over the alps and the Pyrenees.

I think I need to move about 50 kilometres from work and ride in every day for the next three weeks.

Oh well I can always spend my days eating cheese and rubbing it on my belly while I lie in a park next to my bike.

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One thought on “Counting down the days

  1. Bobby

    Just a random guy reading your adventure. Strapped in for the long haul. Good luck and LMAO at the cheese on belly comment đŸ™‚

    Here’s some entertainment for you on your travels. Crybaby hill in Tulsa Oklahoma USA

    Look forward to the updates. Try to get some videos up!


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